Filled Sandbags

Why waste time & effort filling sandbags when we can do it for you?

• Heavy Duty Woven PP sandbags from stock for immediate delivery UK wide
• Filled with approx 14 kilos top grade Granite Sand approx 25x50x10cm high when packed
• Hessian Sandbags filled to order - recommended use within 4 weeks of delivery
• Packed on Pallets of 70 bags, wrapped in black stretch film

Granite Sand Sandbags & the Environment - Reuseable and Recyclable

Our filled sandbags contain approx 14 kilos top grade washed Granite Sand which provides a fast deployment, efficient water barrier without becoming waterlogged. Granite Sand is a small aggregate used widely for monoblock foundations & it's high stability makes it much better for building walls & barriers than any other type of filling material.

Because it doesn't retain water (increasing by only 10% weight in use & returning to original weight in 2 hours) our Sandbags easy to redeploy & don't retain contamination which may be present in flood water.

Washed Granite Sand is also PH neutral and can be re-used (or even resold!) for landscaping & soil improvement. All our Sandbags are made from 100% recyclable material & our Heavy Duty Reuseable bags are field tested to last up to 2 years.

Discounts for bulk quantities of 1000 + Call us on 0800 032 6447

Sandbags, Sand Bags

Granite Sand Sandbags

Sandbags, Sand Bags

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Building Sandbags
Sackmaker fill sandbags with approximately 14kilos of quality granite sand designed to build well & be easy to manually handle, especially in wet or hazardous conditions. We do not recommend putting more than 14kgs in a sand bag as the more its filled the harder it is to build into a strong water resistant flood wall. The quality of the sand used to fill sandbags is important and they will not work to their maximum potential if filled with a sand which has a high content of fines & can therefore retain lots of water (such as builders sand) This is why Sackmaker use top grade granite sand which resists washing out, it is sourced from a local quarry to minimise carbon footprint.

Call our sales team on 0800 032 6447 for advice, samples & prices. You can email us or buy small quantities of sandbags online at Sackmarket (minimum order for empty sandbags is 100).

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