Sackmaker J&HM Dickson Ltd started making hessian & jute sandbags in 1915 for the war effort and still supply them to this day. We sell both filled & empty sandbags to Local Authorities, Fire Brigades, Builders Merchants, Civil Engineers and road traffic management companies across the UK - we have over 100 years experience in the sack trade.

Granite Sand Sandbags & the Environment - Reuseable and Recyclable

Our filled sandbags contain approx 14 kg washed Granite Sand which creates a fast deployment, efficient water barrier without becoming waterlogged. Granite Sand is a small aggregate used widely for monoblock foundations & it's high stability means it's excellent for building walls & barriers.

Because they don't retain water (increasing by only 10% weight in use & draining in 2 hours) our Sandbags are easy to redeploy & don't retain contamination which may be present in flood water.

Washed Granite Sand is also PH neutral and can be re-used (or even resold!) for landscaping work & soil improvement. All our Sandbags are made from 100% recyclable material & our Heavy Duty Reuseable bags are field tested to last up to 2 years.

Whether you need fast delivery of filled sandbags for flood protection or simply sandbags for weighing down road signs or to fill with ballast – call 0800 032 6447 drop us an email or order online.

FILLED SANDBAGS approx 25x50x10cm high
Heavy Duty Reuseable / Standard Woven Polypropylene or Hessian outer bags filled with 14kgs washed Granite Sand. In stock for immediate delivery (Minimum order 70 - allow 7 days for Hessian filled to order)

EMPTY SANDBAGS with tie strings 33x79cm long
Heavy Duty Reuseable / Standard Woven Polypropylene or Hessian
In stock for immediate delivery (Minimum order 100)

Reuseable Recyclable Sacks

Granite Sand Sandbags

Sandbags, Sand Bags

Standard Woven Polypropylene (WPP) Sandbags

The cheapest sandbags on the market made from lightweight 70gsm WPP. Predominantly used for one off applications as sandbags to weigh down road signs or stop tarpaulins blowing away, they can also be used for temporary flood defence & 100% recyclable at end of life. They can be overprinted with your logo / details if required.

Standard Woven Polypropylene (WPP) Sandbags

Heavy Duty Reuseable WPP Sandbags

Our most popular sandbag and made from 120gsm fabric containing a large amount of Ultra violet Inhibitor which helps prevent the material breaking down in sunlight. They are designed to be re used time & time again having a proven lifespan of at least 2 years. They can be overprinted with your logo / details if required.

This combination of heavy woven fabric & UV protection has a high abrasion resistance & will withstand rougher handling than standard bags,

They are supplied in brown or black to minimise environmental appearance & are 100% recyclable at end of life.

Heavy Duty WPP Sandbags

Pre Filled Black Sandbags

Hessian / Jute Sandbags

Until the 1970’s all sandbags were made from hessian / jute and we still supply hessian sand bags to this day. This sandbag is used to build temporary walls, for flood defence & military applications, ballast bags and creating bunkers for outdoor activities such as paintballing, archery and shooting. Hessian sandbags are biodegradable and will eventually rot away so are filled to order, also ideal to fill with a sand cement mix and leave to form a wall.

Hessian / Jute Sandbags

UV Protection
All plastic materials gradually break down when exposed to sunlight and Woven Polypropylene is no exception – WPP sacks with no UVI (Ultra Violet Inhibitor) may only last a few weeks if left outside unprotected. Unfortunately unprotected fabric looks the same as fabric with UVI so it’s very important that buyers of WPP sacks & sandbags ensure that the bags they buy are fit for their purpose, especially if they appear cheaper than the rest! The longevity of the material depends on the intensity of sunlight and the effects of weather stripping it is subjected to. Wind & rain accelerates the process of degradation so the more sandbags are covered from the elements the longer they will last. ALL the WPP sandbags Sackmaker supply are UV protected and heavier fabrics take longer to break down.

Building Sandbags
Sackmaker fill sandbags with approximately 14kilos of quality granite sand, although it’s possible to pack over 20kgs in a sand bag the more its filled the harder it is to build into a strong water resistant flood wall so we recommend they are not filled to the top before tying. The quality of the sand used is also important and sandbags will not work to their maximum potential if filled with a sand which has a high content of fines & can therefore retain lots of water - such as builders sand. Maintaining a weight of 14kilos per sandbag also makes them easier to manually handle, especially in wet or hazardous conditions.

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Call our sales team on 0800 032 6447 for advice, samples & prices. You can email us or buy small quantities of sandbags online at Sackmarket (minimum order for empty sandbags is 100).

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